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Life Choice Introduces A New Professional Line Of Natural Supplements Called Doctor's Choice.

Natural Supplements: Life Choice Introduces A New 
Professional Line Of Natural Supplements Called Doctor's Choice
(Calgary, AB) DrEldon Dahl, ND, the founder and CEO of Life Choice  is pleased to announce that his company has introduced a new [complimentary] professional line of nutraceuticals called Doctor's Choice.
According to Dr. Dahl, Doctor's Choice is different from Life Choice in two main areas:

Availability. Doctor's Choice products are not available outside of a clinician's office. This professional line is to be available only from ND's and other clinicians.

Exclusivity: As the Doctor's Choice line is currently in development, many of the formulations correspond with Life Choice formulas. However, as the line grows, more unique formulations will be added that are only available through prescribing clinicians.  Because of this exclusivity, it will also be better for patients, because their progress can be monitored closely by a professional.

Of course, as with all of their products, one thing is consistent between Doctor's Choice and Life Choice: the highest quality raw materials. Doctor's Choice products are formulated with just as much care as Life Choice - this ensures complete support for a clinician's practice.

Doctor's Choice products can be seen in  Vital Link and Body/Mind/Spirit (CCNM) magazine. Currently, they have 24 Doctor's Choice products in stock, with more expected by the end of the year.

If you would like to learn more about Doctor's Choice, please contact their head office with your inquiry Ph. 866 226 1722, Fax 866 226 1722

Dr. Eldon  Dahl ND, founder and CEO of Life Choice and Doctor's Choice defines the meaning of the phrase "professional therapeutic medicine."

Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND
The Difference of Professional Therapeutic Medicine

When you hear "professional therapeutic medicine," what does it mean to you?

This sort of terminology is not something that most people dwell on—after all, if something is labeled as "medicine," wouldn’t it go without saying that it is also professional and therapeutic? One would assume so, but a problem may also lie within those same assumptions.

Re-examining these three words, their meaning has been assumed for far too long. In reflection, I have realized that these terms are critical to the natural health industry—so critical that I have structured my company around them.

Let’s take a moment to consider each of these terms.


The definition of "professional" can differ depending on the industry; however, no matter the industry, being professional carries weight. It conjures confidence—"professionals" know what they are doing. They have personally put in the time and research to make a product or a cause successful. Professionals don’t just get by; they go above and beyond. Likewise, any professional product should meet the same bar. From sourcing to packaging, every detail matters in a professional product.


"Therapeutic" means that what you’re doing will improve your quality of life. Therapeutic practices are designed for healing. Although both may be pleasant, there is a world of difference between a quick massage from a friend "masseuse" and a therapeutic massage from a professional massage therapist. On some level, we seem to inherently recognize "therapeutic" when we see or experience it; it’s the thing that keeps us coming back for more. However, if we do not maintain a level of discernment, we can easily fall prey to flash without substance.


For many, "medicine" is equivalent to "drugs" or "prescriptions." Undoubtedly, this is due in no small part to the looming influence of the pharmaceutical industry. Still, when considering the idea of medicine as something that helps to treat an illness, do prescriptions really fit the bill? They may help a person function in spite of one health issue, but they also come with a laundry list of potential side effects—essentially, patients end up trading one difficulty for several others. Is a medicine that can compound health concerns really deserving of the title?

As we have seen, professional, therapeutic medicine might be a rarer find than we like to think. If the natural health industry wants to truly be a viable alternative to prescription drugs, we must consistently uphold all of these standards. We cannot bring anything less than our very best to the table.

Dr. Eldon Dahl is a trained naturopath, and the Founder and director of Life Choice and Doctor's Choice mutraceutical product line.

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